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Roskam jazz concerts

Blind Dogs.png

Blind Dogs

19 May 2024  E 20:00

Furmi Gomez - saxophone
Andrew Moreno - guitar
John Ho - bass
Gio Giardina - drums (special guest)

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24 May 2024  E 22:00

Brussels Jazz Weekend

Giuseppe Doronzo - sax, bagpipes, flutes
Esat Ekincioglu - double bass
Pino Basile - tamburello, framedrums, cupaphon

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After successful past years with more than 120 concerts throughout China and Europe, three critically acclaimed albums and a highly praised showcase at Jazzahead 2023; AVA Trio sets sail back in time in the Mediterranean. Their fourth album "The Great Green" released on March 8, 2024 on Tora Records - takes us to Ancient Greece; an era in which the colour "blue" did not exist. AVA Trio stretches the boundaries of jazz, improvised and maqam music, creating a unique approach we define as "Mediterranean Avantgarde".


Lone Vouching Poet

25 May 2024  E 22:00

Brussels Jazz Weekend

Lennart Van Praet - vocals, keys
Jeroen Capens - tenor saxophone
PJ Seaux - bass guitar
Louis Favre - drums


Since a good five years, LVP has been growing and harvesting songs at a steady, laid-back pace. They have been performed at times, in various settings, with different musicians, though always occasionally, fleetingly. Now it's time to come home, and dock the spaceship of artistic imagination in a beautiful place. Old camaraderie does not rust, and neither does musical kinship: LVP has rekindled the fire with three top-notch players and close friends, in order to lend a decisive boost to his ripened batch of sing-song-stories. Here's a deep melancholy that refuses to wallow in the modern-day despair of fearfulness, doubt, and identity-craving, but wants to connect and feed the light as well as the darkness through a deeply felt humanity. With an unabating life-force, these songs celebrate fragility and beauty, firmly pleading for hope, love and understanding. Expect to be swaddled in warm sonorities and swayed by a deeply earthed groove, straight from the underbelly.

YuTing Li copy.jpg

VIVA - The Soil

26 May 2024  E 20:30

Brussels Jazz Weekend

Pierre Hurty - drums

Daniel Jonkers - drums

YuTing Li - keys + efx

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‘VIVA’ is a double-instrument ensemble formed by YuTing Li experiencing sound design and sonic textures, with touches of delicate melodies floating on the immense sound palette. 

‘VIVA - The Soil’ is a variation of the ensemble researching the sonic spectrum of percussion and its interaction with the colors of harmony.

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