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4 June 2023  E 20:00

Karen van Schaik - sopranino, alto and baritone saxophone, compositions

Lúcia Pires - flute

Pierre-Antoine Savoyat - trumpet, flugelhorn

Bruno Grollet - tenor saxophone

Fil Caporali - double bass

Nico Chkifi - drums


HU! is a jazz sextet that challenges todays' unconscious gender biases and the fact that there are still so few female jazz instrumentalists (only 5% jazz instrumentalists are female). HU! plays with the traditional roles of musical instruments, transforms relatable situations from daily life into music and brings to the table (sometimes fragile) subjects with musical pieces like "High Pitched Voices Often Get Interrupted", "Jeans With Tiny Pockets and Toothpaste for Men", "Circlusion" and "Ballad For The Frozen Eggs." By using the power of music and humour, HU! is a friendly invitation to question our unconscious gender biases! Let's all be HU! 

Moanin’ Birds double duo.jpg

Moanin’ Birds
double duo

11 June 2023  E 20:00

Wen-Hui Tsai - voice
Tom Bourgeois - sax, clarinet
Fil Caporali - bass


Moanin’ birds double duo consists the original duo between Fil Caporali (double bass) and Tom Bourgeois (tenor saxophone and bass clarinet), and the other duo, Fil Caporali and Wen Hui Tsai. (vocal) The three of them work together in the 6tet, Vestige. They use all of their melodic and rhythmic freedom to create a rich musical  discussion with a wide range of sound textures, harmonic colour and counterpoint. Their original repertoire has the color of East, West and Latin America, rich and unique.

Roskam jazz concerts

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