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Roskam jazz concerts

Sicx-Sacalxot quartet.jpg

Sicx-Sacalxot quartet

25 February 2024  E 20:00

André Sacalxot (US) - saxophone
Lara Humbert - piano
Jim Monneau - double bass
Gaspard Sicx - drums

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Gaspard and André met in the United States working together in the band Fievel is Glauque. They became good pals and now André came down to visit. 
They will play some of their tunes alongside the French pianist Lara Humbert and the French bass player Jim Monneau.

Just Another Foundry 2024.jpg

Just Another Foundry (DE)
feat. Alberto///Uranes

3 March 2024  E 20:00

Jonas Engel - sax
Florian Herzog - bass
Anthony Greminger - drums
Marc Alberto - live processing
Jonatan Uranes - live processing

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“Courage for the edge and the non-lovely in the intensity-filled performance of the trio and its excellent interplay” 
- Roland Spiegel, Bavarian public radio (BR)

“This is what the future of German Jazz looks like.” 
- Oliver Hochkeppel, South German public newspaper (SZ)

“Their confident playing with melodic finesse and rustic violence both, won the band several prices” 
- Uli Lemke, JazzThing



17 March 2024  E 20:00

Angelo Moustapha - drums

Toine Thys : saxophones

Joël Rabesolo - guitar

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Born in the corners of Brussels, this band is the brainchild of Angelo Moustapha. Beninese drummer recently arrived in the Belgian capital, Angelo is already a cornerstone of the creative scene, and a protégé of Philip Catherine and Lionel Loueke.

Think of the rhythms of a Beninese master drummer, the dancing harmonies of a Madagascan guitarist, and the melodic improvisations of a Jazz saxophonist in love with the equator. "Here we are" in Yoruba, IBIYEWA is a laboratory born of
encounters in Brussels, at the crossroads of traditional music and creative innovation.

Erwin Vann Trio.jpg

Erwin Vann Trio

21 April 2024  E 20:00

Michel Hatzigeorgiou - bass
Dré Pallemaerts - drums
Erwin Vann - saxophone

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Erwin Vann Trio feat. Michel Hatzigeorgiou and Dré Pallemaerts
The Erwin Vann Trio traces its origins back to 1989. Over the years, they performed on numerous stages in Belgium and abroad. Their collaboration has yielded the albums ‘Some Sounds’ (1990) and ‘Eleven’ (1995). Their live performance will feature a selection of original compositions, offering a nostalgic glimpse into their musical journey. This is a rare opportunity to witness the synergy of these three master musicians.

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