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Hint of Berlin

24 September 2023  E 20:00

Gregor Siedl - tenor sax

Frans van Isacker - alto sax

Benjamin Sauzereau - guitar

Lennart Heyndels - el. bass

Nico Chkifi - drums

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HINT OF BERLIN is the happy reunion of 5 long-time collaborators and friends to celebrate the joy of adventurous and spontaneous instant compositions. Gregor Siedl and Nico Chkifi have made an impact on the improv scene with their duo called DOKO. Benjamin Sauzereau is leading a brilliant group Les Chroniques de l'Inutile with Gregor Siedl and Lennart Heyndels. Frans van Isacker is an all-around improviser and the first choice of many groups including Ginger Black Ginger the last group of bass player Yannick Peeters. Those 5 musicians will perform a unique concert playing their hearts out for the love of Music. 

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Mojo Jojo 

1 October 2023  E 20:00

Roeland Celis - electric guitar
Warre Van De Putte - tenor saxophone
Umberto Odone - drums
Emanuel Van Mieghem - double bass

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Mojo Jojo is a Brussels based quartet founded by Emanuel Van Mieghem that invites lyrical melodies that are driven by deeply rooted pulsations.

They discovered that they have a very strong and dynamic connection that translates itself both on a personal and a musical level.


Alejandra Borzyk
acoustic quartet

22 October 2023  E 20:00

Alejandra Borzyk - saxophones, compositions
Leonard Steigerwald - piano
Federico Stocchi - doublebass
Gaspard Sicx - drums


Under the influence of artists from the contemporary jazz scene, such as Aaron Parks, Mark Turner or Harmen Fraanje, the  bandleader of this quartet writes her music playing with colorful harmonies, floating within a large sonic spectrum of acoustic textures. When performing together, these four musicians navigate between strong melodies full of character and freely improvised sounds.



12 November 2023  E 20:00

Stéphane Payen - alto saxophone
Tom Rainey - drums
Sylvain Debaisieux - tenor saxophone

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Voilà 15 ans que ces deux improvisateurs passionnés se retrouvent régulièrement pour de nouvelles aventures. Après le quintet « Progressive Patriots » de Hasse Poulsen, le groupe « All Set » (codirigé par le saxophoniste et Ingrid Laubrock) ou encore le trio avec Marc Ducret, c’est aujourd’hui en duo (ou plutôt en trio) que nous les retrouverons dans le cadre de leur tournée d'automne ; ils nous proposeront une musique totalement improvisée, nourrie par toutes les formes de jeux qu’ils ont expérimenté au travers de leurs différentes collaborations. Pour cette soirée, ils ont aussi décidé d'inviter Sylvain Debaisieux !

Transfiguring Photograms .jpeg

Transfiguring Photograms

11 February 2024  E 20:00

Andrej Thompson - saxophone
Samuel Ber - drums
Piergiorgio Pirro - piano 

Nathan Wouters - double bass

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For this ensemble one body of work has been created thus far called Embracing Asymmetry which will be recorded in December 2023. The work focuses on the transitional process of improvising between two sound objects. Here the performer is improvising variations of a composed object whilst simultaneously seeking to slowly introduce a new composed element. A photogram is photographic technique that produces a negative shadow image. The transformation of a real object into a shadow is analogous to the transformation from a composed sound object into an improvised variation. Embracing Asymmetry also explores post-colonial identity through the intersection of reality, delusion and the incomprehensible.

Roskam jazz concerts

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