Roskam jazz concerts

Thomas Champagne feat. Adam O'Farrill © Arnaud Ghys_1_light.jpg

Thomas Champagne
feat Adam O'Farrill

25 September 2022   E 20:00

Thomas Champagne - saxophone

Adam O'Farrill - trumpet

Guillaume Vierset - guitar

Ruben Lamon - double bass

Alain Deval - drums


Get to the heart of things. This is the promise of this Quintet.
Tell each other all there is to say. Let ideas come and go, back and forth, without hiding anything, spontaneously and sincerely.
The band is determined to keep the spontaneity of a first meeting and the freshness of the first dialogues. Never disrupt the flow of a passionate conversation.

Like a breath of fresh air, spontaneous, with intimate atmospheric sounds culminating in powerful rhythms and brilliant rock riffs.

With Adam O'Farrill, one of New York's most prominent trumpet player of the moment!

Vansina 2022.jpg

Vansina Trio

2 October 2022   E 20:00

Bruno Vansina - alto saxophone

Louise Van den Heuvel - electric bass

Teun Verbruggen - drums


Bruno Vansina grasduint door zijn repertoire met vaste waarde en alttime drum buddy Teun Verbuggen + de recent ontketende oerkrachten van de avontuurlijke "groove lady” Louise Van den Heuvel. 

DB's Time Bomb[195830].jpg

Denis Baeten's
Time Bomb!

9 October 2022   E 20:00

Ambroos De Schepper - alto saxophone

Matteo Mazzù - electric bass
Denis Baeten - drums


Brussels based drummer Denis Baeten wanted to strike hard with the release of his first album with an original concept : try to entirely produce a full length album in one day. By inviting musicians at the studio without a rehearsal, Denis wanted to capture the energy of the moment in the most spontaneous way possible. Going back to the essence of Jazz but with a totally modern sound. The mix is done in real time and the graphic designer got inspired by the music while creating the artwork directly at the studio as well. The whole day got filmed and edited into a documentary that has been put on a custom USB stick. The USB stick comes with a custom box that has been made that same day. A collector object containing some rough, uncompromised music, between melodic modern jazz, wild rock’n’roll, dreamy pop and a « film noir » soundtrack. We invite you to watch the « making of » documentary of this unique performance. The album was released on September 15th 2021

Nicolas Thys trio .jpg

Nicolas Thys trio 

16 October 2022   E 20:00

Antoine Pierre - drums

Jeroen Van Herzeele -saxophone

Nicolas Thys - bass

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Nicolas en Jeroen spelen te samen sinds…lang. Antoine heeft zich bij de groep aangesloten het natuurlijke wijze  die we van hem nu verwachten.

Dit trio is een tweede versie van de groep die in 2000 voor Igloo optrad met drummer Steve Altenberg en zanger Ghalia Ben Ali als gast.

Het repertoire bestaat uit standards en composities van Nicolas.

De muziek zit vol passie, ritme, energie en hart.

Serendip 2022.jpg

Serendip Quartet

23 October 2022   E 20:00

Arnaud Guichard - tenor sax, composition

Florent Jeunieaux - electric guitar

Jasper De roeck - double bass

Matthias De Waele - drums


Serendip Quartet is a band led by saxophonist Arnaud Guichard. Their repertoire is all original compositions inspired by narratives creating a very intimate and unique universe. A journey through Spiritual, Afro, Free and contemporary jazz. They have released two albums between 2018 and 2021. The first album the Tale is inspired by the Persian tale The three Princes of Serendip and melodically describes characters of the tale. Queen of Fire, their most recent release, narrates the healing journey of a woman survivor of sexual assault as a weapon of war. It is dedicated to the victims of the attacks happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo and to the Dr Denis Mukwege who helps the survivors to recover from these atrocities.



30 October 2022   E 20:00

Hélène Duret - clarinets     

Benjamin Sauzereau - guitar

Maxime Rouayroux - drums

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FUR tends towards purity. 

The exploration of sound landscapes with unexpected widths is done at will. The path is cultivated in three and the improvisation always renews the route. This trio knows very well what it is going to tell you but it does not know yet how it is going to tell you, it discovers it with you, as it goes along. 

Pop dragon.jpg


6 November 2022   E 20:00

Grégoire Tirtiaux - Saxophones
Manuel Roland - Guitare
Manu Loriaux - Basse électrique
Jérémie Mosseray - Batterie
Carlo Strazzante - Percussions

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Popdragon est le nouveau groupe des créateurs de Applause, de la fanfare du Belgistan et de Orange Kazoo.
Des rythmiques hypnotiques où batteries kraut et percussions orientales tournent autour de basses électriques saturées.
Des contre-chants de guitares en échos.
Des saxophones transformés par des effets électroniques.
Un déluge de saxophone baryton.
Cinq musiciens tout en transe électrique et en danses organiques.

Trio Defoort 1.jpg


13 November 2022   E 20:00

Bart Defoort - tenor sax

Sal La Rocca - double bass

Lieven Venken - drums

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Kris Dane.png

Kris Dane and
Michel Hatzi Duo

20 November 2022   E 20:00

Kris Dane - voice, guitar

Michel Hatzigeorgiou - Fender bass

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Kris Dane is a singer songwriter who has enchanted the musical landscape for almost two decades with his unique compositions, which cannot be classified in established genres. Kris Dane has created his own musical universe with his earthy soothing voice and laid-back guitar. 

He conveys his eloquent poetry not only through the lyrics of his songs, but also through their melodies, which evoke a certain feeling of innovating nostalgia, soulful and captivating.  

LEVITATE is Kris Dane’s 7th studio album.

mortelle_randonnee 7 (c) Freddy Morezon.jpg

Mortelle Randonnée

27 November 2022   E 20:00

Sébastien Cirotteau - trumpet, alto saxhorn, organ, synths, voice, duck call Andy Lévêque - alto saxophone, bass, keys, recorder, voice, duck call Benjamin Glibert - electric guitar, bass, keys, percussion, voice, duck call Clem Thomas - drums, glockenspiel, ukulele, voice, duck call


Mortelle Randonnée se promène chez Carla Bley.

Rock pataphysique, chansons avant-pop, jazz à papa-maman, fanfare out-of-tune, entre vénération et parodie.

Mortelle Randonnée parcourt le répertoire iconoclaste et hybride de la compositrice Carla Bley. Seize membres et quatre musiciens qui jouent tout à la fois - et en même temps – les instruments de la fanfare et du power trio, des instruments jouets et quelques claviers pour réinventer les arrangements fantasques de Carla Bley.

Une « sorte de dégringolade » dans les ambiances grisâtres d’une station balnéaire vide, un cabaret foutraque et absurde, une danse de chaises branlantes... En un déconcertant mélange des genres : hymnes funambules, cadences patarock ne s’embarrassant nullement de cohérence, structures répétitives et obsessionnelles, délire psyché-folk, chansons avant-pop, Mortelle Randonnée prend un malin plaisir à sortir des sentiers balisés et nous chahuter dans les hors-pistes.

Mortelle Randonnée est une création du collectif Freddy Morezon, en partenariat avec le festival Jazz A Luz, avec le soutien de la DRAC Occitanie, de la région Occitanie, de la Mairie de Toulouse et de la SPEDIDAM.